Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mallorca's Technique in Reading Dialect Words

The grade one pupils of Cubay Elementary School in La Carlota City were very happy and thankful for the reading instruction given them by OIC-SDS Portia M. Mallorca of the Division of La Carlota City.

Ma'm Mallorca used the syllabic and syllabic blend technique in making the pupils of Mrs. Lelanie Suyo and Mrs. Nona S. Palanog learned on how to read basic dialect words in their mother-tongue basic education.

Reading of Dialect Words

Reading Technique Demonstration
Reading technique demonstrated by Ma'm Portia Mallorca

The pupils found it enjoyable and fun reading the common Ilonggo words like "kamera", "kuneho", "karabaw", "kalabasa", among others with Ma'm Mallorca. They were too enthusiastic. Most of the were very attentive.

Post conference
Ma'm Mallorca and Ma'm Palanog in a Post conference

Ma'm Portia after observing the class of Mrs. Palanog conducted a brief post conference. She discussed the classroom management, especially on holding the interest of every pupil so that learning may effective achieve.

She also demonstrated the proper way of teaching the first grade pupils on how to attack the words to be read correctly and proper syllabic blending.

At Principal's Office

Mam Porta at Principal's Office
Ma'm Mallorca at the blogger's office

Earlier she did with the class of Mrs. Suyo. Both teachers, Mrs. Suyo and Mrs. Palanog appreciated the patience of Ma'm Portia in giving them technical assistance, guidance and instruction on attaining the optimum pupils' class participation, which is very basic in classroom management.

Ma'm Portia was in my school to monitor classes and to check the pupils' attendance.

"I'm happy to see the children in school," she relayed it to me as the school principal and to my other two grade 5 teacher-advisers, Mrs. Mary Ella Amar and Miss Jema M. Bajala.

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