Thursday, August 14, 2014

Veracity of Casanova's Open Letter

Sometime in July 2014, Arnel Paciano D Casanova, BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) wrote an open letter to Honorable Mauricio G Domogan and the City of Government of Baguio by enumerating his accomplishments as a partner with Baguio City Mayor Domogan in developing Camp John Hay.

In a nutshell, here are his publicized various performances (seem to be controversial) for the welfare and benefit of the people in Baguio:

1 Earning nearly three hundred million pesos in administering the economic zone in Camp John Hay
2 Receiving more than three billion pesos from the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center as a party to an arbitration case
3 Instrumental to the filling of criminal cases against those erring officers and directors of CJHDevCo
4 The people of Cordillera Region and Baguio have benefited BCDA's administration of the economic zone
5 Increase of tourists to the zone with recreational markets, business, and meetings, conventions and showcasing best products of Baguio, among others
6, More jobs and business opportunity were created in CJHSEZ (Camp John Hay Special Economic Zone
7 Maintained forest density, and water resources
8 Sustained commitment on water use

With the above achievements, Casanova is confident that he has nothing amiss with the good people of Baguio. He wants to project a positive image that he is an ally and not an enemy. But it is regarded differently.

Who is Arnel Paciano D Casanova?

He is expert in public-private partnership urban planning, Infrastructure and real estate, in corporate governance and anti-corruption, peace-making, negotiation, security and conflict resolution, and social entrepreneurship and microfinance. He is awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor Medal by President Fidel V Ramos in 1997.

His track records speak so well of him. He is beyond reproach. And why he is treated otherwise by Baguio Mayor Mauricio D, Domogan and Congressman Aliping in their reply letter posted at the Baguio's website? Will you not be suspicious about it? He could be an ideal government elected official. What can you say?

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  1. Well to be honest I don't really trust him because he has been doing a lot of things that are qiestionable he signed a contract with the Ayala's for another 75 year in a BCDA in Baguio but he kept Domogan out of the loop.

  2. I can't really put a decent comment without being identified as biased. But my wild guess on why Casanova wrote that open letter...There must be someone up there ordering him to do so.