Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When do I ovulate?

Some women I overheard could easily get pregnant but they don't know the reason why. Married women especially who lack knowledge on the basic of being pregnant may take sometime to have a baby. They don't know when to have a sexual contact with their hubby so as to get pregnant. There is a timing for that so to speak. Follows is the fact of it.

Pinpointing ovulation – this is one of the most important thing a woman needs to do when trying to conceive. Being able to know when you’re ovulation day is will increase the odds of getting pregnant as ovulation is the time when a woman’s body is fertile and ready to conceive. Some women, especially those with irregular period find it difficult to know when their ovulation is. There are many tools available now over the counter and online to help women track their ovulation.

An ovulation predictor kit or OPK detects the surge of the body’s LH or Luteinizing Hormone. A woman’s body always has a small amount present but when nearing ovulation, the LH, responsible in stimulating ovulation will surge, and this is where the OPK comes in. With proper use, you’ll be able to determine when you’re about to ovulate. 2 dark lines in an OPK means that you’re going to ovulate within 24-48 hrs so you may want to take that opportunity for the sperm to catch the egg. Find more ways on how to track ovulation by checking

Now those well-informed married women may not ask themselves anymore of this question: "To be or not to be?" for they're sure when to catch one or get pregnant. Don't they?

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