Monday, January 05, 2015

Untouched of Estafa Case, What Else Matters to Sobrepeña?

BCDA’s Arnel Casanova was unable to pin Sobrepeña for a probable cause of the former's staunch that CJHDevCo chairman couldn't pay the rentals for Camp John Hay and be held criminally of estafa.

The Pasay Regional Trial Court, therefore, sustained its decision made on Sept. 3, 2014 in favor of Sobrepeña brushing away the false accusation of BCDA's Casanova.

Pasay RTC Judge Pedro Gutierrez in his 7-page decision has made it clear that there was a lapse of 14 years for CJHDevCo’s rental payments in 1998. Since it took so long the case to be tried, according to Gutierrez, that is a violation of the Bill of Rights of the accused under the PH Constitution for the accused for a speedy trial and due process of law.

Further, the court found out that it was BCDA that caused the delays in such rental obligations that eventually made the deferment of rental payments obligation of CJHDevCo to BCDA in which it became the complicated issue.

Harassment Case

The court's decision was collaborated by CJHDevCo Executive Vice President Al Yñiguez. He said that it was a harassment case for it was in June that the case against Sobrepeña was already cleared by the prosecutor and it was reopened and refiled recently.

With the court's decision to dismiss the case in favor of Sobrepeña, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) was at a loss, making Camp John Hay Development Corp. chairman Robert Sobrepeña cleared of estafa case.

Restructuring Payments

Clearing Sobrepena of liability, the BCDA has no choice but to stick to the restructuring of the delayed rental obligations of CDHDevCo under the lease agreement.

In fact, this had already been agreed by BCDA to defer the said obligations in two restructuring memoranda of agreements in August 1999 and in July 2000.

What else matters that CJHDevCo chairman Sobrepeña is clear of P1.5-billion estafa case as charged by BCDA’s Arnel Casanova?


  1. It really shows that propaganda laced with bad elements cannot escape from the wrath of evil.

  2. I think this would be disadvantageous to BCDA but I guess if they can compromise on a restructuring plan, they can save a lot.

  3. I hope they solve this case and punish those who did wrong.