Monday, March 02, 2015

CJHDevco: To Vacate or Not To Vacate?

CJHDevco ChairmanSobrepeña

The arbitration court has come up with a decision, over-a-decade business squabbles between Casanova of BCDA and Sobrepena of CJHDevco.

The said arbitral tribunal had determined that BCDA and CJHDevco had their own misgivings. Both violated the terms of their agreement. Since the decision made by the arbitration court is to be executed, the latest development has propped up the resistance.

The said order is not unanimous especially in ordering the CJHDevco to vacate the camp. In like manner of paying back, the BCDA was holding back the rentals of CJHDevco in the amount of Php1.42 Billion to return to CJHDevco.

Why Interfering?

It was also pointed out that BCDA had interferred with the development of Camp John Hay (CJH) which by agreement was to be handled by CJHDevco. This was a big blunder made by BCDA president Arnel Casanova which resulted to the delay on the pursuit of AFP Modernization Program. Thus, the 50% revenue coming from the lease of Camp John Hay, which is supposed to be paid by CJHDevco remained uncertain due to the mismanagement of the current BCDA leadership.

Matters seem getting worse for Casanova's wrongdoings according to arbitration court. The One-Stop Action which could made everything easy for the development of Camp John Hay Special Economic Zone wasn't put up as expected. This OSA could facilitate business procedure like issuance of permit, and other business documents to assure investors of their legitimate and legal identity as occupant of the Camp under their style and line of business.

The people of Baguio had practically noticed the misunderstanding of Casanova and Sobrepeña. There was one incident that Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan had to get in to put an order for the opening of Forest Lodge Hotel on schedule for Casanova's intervention.

It's seemingly malicious on Casanova's wrongdoings. Abakada partylist Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz in his Wednesday privilege speech mentioned that Casanova kept on bullying CJHDevCo chairman Robert Sobrepeña either in or out of BCDA jurisdiction. This is unethical. De la Cruz signified that there would be a congressional inquiry on this matter, especially unbecoming of Casanova.

Sobrepeña's Resistance

Do you think Sobrepena won't retaliate? We couldn't say that. However, it is very obvious that Sobrepena is too reluctant to vacate the Camp. Sobrepeña in his letter emphasized that the order for CJHDevco to vacate the property is not "executory". Though the arbirtral tribunal decided on the legal battle between BCDA and CJHDevco and handed the order for CJHDevco to leave the property wasn't enforceable yet. It should be confirmed by Baguio Regional Trial Court before it become final and executory.

In like manner, Sobrepeña wouldn't turn over the properties inside the Camp under sublease for the existing law prohibits it. Sobrepeña is very willing to extend legal assistance to the third parties in case it would be elevated to the court.

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  1. I just hope that in the end, this wouldn't have negative effects on Camp John Hay.