Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Immeasurable Joy of Christmas

Waking up late in the morning, I proceeded to the sala (visitor's lounge) to look for my wife. She's not there. Only my two grandchildren, Toto Bryan and Adgel who were there, preoccupied playing on my laptop and our youngest daughter, Geeree.

Our simple Christmas tree
I went outside the house and saw her busy attending her plants in the garden, especially her orchids. She jokingly told me from afar that I have failed to greet her this Christmas.

I got nearer, greeted her "Merry Christmas:, and gave her a morning Christmas hug as we laughed out loud for the joy we had of being together in this Christmas Day though some of our children were not around. Some were abroad working. Other within the country. And some had their own family to tender to.

Geeree who was tending a Christmas music played on her cellphone connected to a 32-inch TV monitor, was on the alert to observe us outside her mother's garden.. While overhearing us laughing out loud and seemed to be enjoying, she took her cellphone, and captured the following momentous actions we did.

Greeting Each Other with a Funny, Loving Hug

Hugging each other in an orchids garden - 1

Hugging each other in an orchids garden - 2

In a moment later, after she was done with her regular chores of tending her small garden, my wife was gone. I didn't notice her. After eating my breakfast, I went out too, visited the place where firecrackers are sold, I took some pictures and talked to some of the owners on how their small business is going on.

For several minutes, I got back to the house. In a moment while I was updating my social media for my latest day activities, my wife arrived with a big cartoon. (I am not aware what is inside). By and by, she handed me her humble Christmas present in its bare nature look.

My wife displaying a bunch of grapes

Receiving a bunch of grapes

The simple, humble gift ever

Nothing could ever repay the joy that I have had this Christmas day for that wonderful, loving, caring gesture of my dear wife. Since I knew her when we were yet high school sweetheart and even until now after our 41 years of married life, Rebing has never changed. She is the same woman I knew before.

Thank you very much, Rebing. Merry Christmas and I love you!

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