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Monday, July 06, 2015

Setting Adviser in LIS the Easy Way

Teachers/class advisers may be bothered if they couldn't access their own grade and section in LIS, especially those first timer.

The School Head
The School Head
For they know as teacher/class adviser, they're  tasked to enroll their pupils to LIS especially this school year 2015 - 2016. However, they couldn't start their enrollment for their respective classes haven't been created yet for the present school year.

Therefore, their respective classes and sections should be created first before they do the batch enrollment of their learners.

How to remedy it?

Their school head or school ICT coordinator will assign an account for them to access in LIS. And they're given a unique username and password to use them every time they access their LIS account.

However, they couldn't respectively assess or enter into their respective class and section unless they've been already assigned as an adviser.

To do this, their school head, ICT coordinator or admin system should set for them as class advisers to their respective grade and section in school LIS account.

Steps on setting Adviser

The SH, ICT coordinator and/or admin system shall do the following:

1. From Dashboard, click List of Classes tab.

2. In List of Classes, select a respective grade and section. Click the diamond icon in View Enrolment tab and then click Class settings to set class adviser.

3. In Class settings, click Set Adviser tab.

4. Upon clicking Set Adviser tab, Personnel Lookup props up. Type teacher's Username or TIN, then press Search. When found, teacher's personal info appears. Then click Select tab.

5. Then you'll go back to Class Settings with the name of adviser already set. Don't forget to click Save button to save the adviser's assignment.

Then they're DONE.

Follow the same steps in assigning another teacher to a certain class and section.

God bless teachers.

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  1. Sir, good day po. Paano po kung naka-disable po yung SET ADVISER button? And pwede po bang gamitin ang Account ng Admin to create LIS accounts of class advisers? or need po talagang pumunta sa Division for them to create class adviser accounts? Thank you and God bless po.