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How Health Becomes Wealth?

The often-quoted saying goes this way, "Education begins at home", Gil Camporazo, the school principal correlated it with "Health is wealth" as he addressed the more than three hundred pupils with their respective parents and guardians, and the teachers of his school too.

Health is wealth because of wisdom
Health should start at home. The father provides the sustenance for his family and the mother provides the vital substance for her children on the food she got and cooked. It is appropriate to say then that health begins at home. It is a common knowledge that a healthy family constitutes a healthy society, and a healthy society makes a healthy nation.

Generally, education starts at home wherein the mother becomes the first teacher of her children. The school follows that up as a formal institution of imparting knowledge to the children. This practical knowledge which the children got from their mother and the knowledge they learned and acquired from the school, had become the elements part of their wisdom. This wisdom turns into their valuable possession in life as long as they live. And when properly applied becomes their intelligence.

Therefore, health coupled with intelligence becomes wealth which nobody could take it except intolerance, irresponsibility, and personal abuse. It becomes a precious possession in life. Thus, health is wealth because of wisdom.

In like manner, Ms. Ma. Juvy Tadlan, school nutrition coordinator in her opening remarks has earlier stressed this that health is wealth. Nutrition month is always emphasizing the importance of the value of foods should every pupils eat which contributes so much to the maintenance of one's health, so that everyone stays healthy but not sickly. Health is wealth so goes this saying, Mam Tadlan concluded.

The Parade

Talent Presentation of Children per grade

School Nutrition Culmination

More than three hundred pupils of Balabag Elementary School including their parents and guardians joined the culminating program of nutrition month held recently.

The culminating day was ushered by a parade in the Baranbay main streets and short program of a talent presentation of every grade ensued.

Every grade under the supervision of its respective class adviser cooked native dishes using the vegetables availabe in the community as one of the highlight activities, Masaganang Lutuan on this nutrition month.

This year's theme is "Timbang Iwasto, sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo!"

The celebration aims to "increase awareness on the role and importance of proper nutrition and physical activity in the prevention of being overweight and obese among the general public, and encourage Filipinos to make positive decisions towards consumption of healthy diets and be physically active to prevent noncommunicable diseases as a result of being overweight and obese..." (DepEd MEMORANDUM No. 62, s. 2015)

Busy parents for their cooking

Masaganang Lutuan

In every culmination nutrition program, the school traditionally conducted a cookfest of a main dish, side dish and a soup or juice out of local fruits and veggies.

Seven classes participated like the kinder, grade one, two, three, four, five, and six.

The panel of judges headed by Sir Erle Arbado, school principal of Dona Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School extension in Brgy. Balabag, La Carlota City found the contest entries hard to evaluate for they're prepared, cooked par excellent.

Anyway, the winners were group seven as first, followed by group two as second, and group one as third.

The Winning Entries




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