Monday, August 10, 2015

Making School Dengue-Free

written by Gil Camporazo

Cleaning up the canal
Cleaning up the canal
Preventing Dengue in schools is one of the major concerns of the Department of Education DepEd especially in supporting the Department of Health's thrust in getting rid of aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry a dengue virus which could kill children and even adults.

Sometime in 2011, the DepEd issued a memorandum (DM no. 152, s.2011) to support the DOH campaign against Dengue.

The theme for such anti-Dengue drive was "Eskwelahan, Simbahan, Barangay, Palengke at Buong Komunida, Sama-sama Nating Sugpuin ang Dengue."

Every public school in the country made itself busy, particularly three o'clock in the afternoon. It was initially implemented on July 13, 2011.

4S Strategy

Since it was too urgent to implement the anti-Dengue drive, the 4S Strategy was introduced.
  1. Search and destroy
  2. Seek early consultation
  3. Self-protective measures
  4. Say "no" to indiscriminate fogging.
Parents helping in cleaning up
Parents helping in cleaning up

Clean up Drive Balabag ES Way

The school principal early in the morning of August 7 received a text message from  the Division of La Carlota with the advice to conduct a school clean-up drive against Dengue fever.

Since the first Division Unified Test was just conducted yesterday and there was an inclement weather brought by Typhoon Hannah, only a handful of pupils were present in that day for most of the pupils lived afar, and besides their parent won’t allow them to go to school because of the bad weather which possibly could pose a danger of a flash flood that may come anytime once there is a heavy downpour coming from the mountain.

Nevertheless, the clean-up drive was carried. Some grade six pupils cleaned the surroundings at the back of the Principal’s office where vegetable garden maintained by grades five and six under Mr. Raffy P. Medes, is located.

Cleaning up at the back of Principal's office
Cleaning up at the back of Principal's office

Likewise, the ground at the left side of the Principal’s office was cleaned by those pupils.
Some grade four pupils under Ms. Sarah Adenix cleaned the surroundings adjacent to the improvised compost area at the back of Mam Adenix room.

Some parents of grade one pupils under Ms. Mahal Demabildo and Ms. Gerose Bedlan cleaned the porch along the classroom of the said teachers.

Some grade four pupils of Sir Mike and Mrs. Roselyn Pabalate cleaned up their foot walk with stagnant rain water. The canal was also dried up with stagnant rain water as well.

The said clean-up drive was supervised by the school principal and properly documented by Sir Raffy P. Medes in compliance with an instant call for the said drive against anti-Dengue fever.

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