Friday, December 04, 2015

Balabag Elementary School Facelifted

 Balabag Elementary School, a humble public elementary school in the Division of La Carlota, which is located at the Barangay Balabag, 7.5 kilometers from the city proper of La Carlota has improved her physical facilities in preparation for the evaluation for Seal of Excellence of the Division.

Faculty President Raffy P. Medes initiated the cleaning of the surroundings with the cooperation of the parents of the pupils. Other teachers of the school followed suit. They also maintained the cleanliness of their assigned ground and garden.

Faculty Vice President Jose Erwin Navio provided the plain sheets for the notice of nature advocacy, polite greetings, among others.

 School Guidance Coordinator Mailyn M. Miguel updated the recording data of the school from her comparative enrollment of three years, pupils academic performance, and extra-curricular activities.

Mr. Mike Pabalate and her wife, Roselyn together with Mrs. Angelica Tuala, Ms. Sarah Adenix updated the documents intended for the curriculum, minutes and resolutions adopted by pupils' organization and school governing council.

School science coordinator Ma. Juvy Tadlan took care of her medical garden with the help of her advisory pupils. Grade one teachers Ms. Mahal Demabildo and Ms. Gerose Bedlan also updated their SBM documents. Kinder teacher Mrs. Rima Jane Cadena printed out the composition of school disaster risk reduction management in blow up tarpaper.

Grade two teacher Ms. Jocelyn D. Tolosa and Grade six substitute teacher Ms. Ana Rey Abad weeded out and cleaned their ground assignment, replanted new ornamental plants and repainted the plant boxes.

Punong Barangay Joel Rumbines provided the bushcutting of tall grasses on the school ground. As overall physical improvement of the school, gratefulness is due to the PTA officers led by Mrs. Mary Jane Ramo and to the Supreme Pupils Government (SPG) led by Rainier Medes.

The school has created her image, conducive to learning, safe to the learners, and clean to the eyes of the community residents and school stakeholders.

Word of Thanks

To the pupils, parents, PTA officers, teachers and the Barangay officials, as a school principal, your services and cooperation are beyond compare. What you have shown as the physical improvement of the school is concered. I repeat this is your work, our work and everybody's work that we have made our school, a real one.

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