Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Lights Make You Thrilled in La Carlota

December 15 is the opening of the Festival of Lights in the small city of La Carlota, Negros Occidental, Philippines and will culminate on January 1, New Year's eve.

Nativity 2015
Nativity 2015
It is a tradition among the Mangkasanons, native of La Carlota to have a Festival of Lights every year to usher the coming or the birth of Jesus as religious observed by the Catholics and to welcome the New Year.

The plaza is filled with sea of people coming from nearby cities and municipalities to see the various glistening, glittering lights all over the place. You could overhear anyone's cheers, the wow, the amazement which the lights displayed.

From its starting date until New Year's Day, there would be a nightly Christmas presentation of songs, dances and tableau to entertain the visiting tourists, visitors and even the La CarloteƱos themselves. Schools, religious sectors and other people's organizations are to share their respective best entertainment.


Last year theme was "White Christmas".

This year's theme as mentioned is "neodelic" which is a combination of "neon" and "psychedelic". It could be interpreted as I see it as lights playing thrill in ourselves as we are overjoyed by the spirit of Christmas which our Father in Heaven's love through his Son.

Neodelic could make everyone in the public plaza of the small city of La Carlota mesmerize by the time all the lights on the trees, 2 main edifices are on after a short program.

The theme was conceptualized by the Tourism Department of the City with the collaboration of various artists.

The Lights

Now the plaza in this year's Festival of Lights:

City Mayor's Office 2015

Sangguniang Office 2015

Stage in front of City Hall 2015

The plaza in last year's Festival of Lights:

Christmas Presentation 2014

Facade of City Hall 2014

City Mayor's Office 2014

See you there.

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