Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Teachers, It's a Job Well Done!

My last class observation of ,my teachers in Balabag Elementary School, Division of La Carlota City for I have two more days to go before I take my official 15-day  leave before I retire on October 14. I take this great opportunity to observe my 5 teachers.

The first teacher I observe is Mr. Ronaldo C. Valdevieso. He is teaching the subtraction of decimal numbers with zero as the placeholder. He gives 5 examples for the seatwork of his grade 5 class after his lesson presentation.

Kids are preoccupied doing their work. Volunteers are raising their hands to solve the problem on the board. I enjoy seeing them, giving their different answers. Sir Ronald is able to meet his goal.

Giving some insights to the kids after I observe them
Giving some insights to the kids after I observe them
I proceed to the kinder class of Mrs. Rima Jane P. Cadena. With a complete set of visual aids posted on the board, she gets the attention of her pupils. She introduces the different dress to wear during sunny days or during the summer season.

In their individual work, the kids are giving different pictures of dress for them to color. The kids love their work and they color it according to their preference.

Next is Mahal H. Demabidlo, the grade 1 teacher. Upon entering her class, the pupils are looking at me and they're pointing their fingers. I realize later that Miss Mahal is asking them to give an example of "matanda" (old). And the kids are right to point me as their example for I am already 65 years old. After that, the kids also give "lola"(grandma) and "lolo" (grandpa) as another example.

The kids could identify the difference between the old and the young. And they could right examples.

5 teachers in actions
5 teachers in actions
Mrs. Angelica A. Tuala is the fourth teachers I observe that day. She's teaching Science 3 in Hiligaynon. The lesson is about "ilong" (nose). She asks her class why the is important and what are the things that they must do to protect from harm. Her pupils give several answers, practical ones. The class is well-managed.

The last teachers I observed is Mr. Mike T. Pabalate. Changing mixed numbers to an improper fraction and improper fraction to mixed numbers. He gives several examples on the board. His grade 4 class has more than 40 pupils. But Mr. Mike is able to manage them and able to teach them. The class is attentive. Mr. Mike is able to meet his objectives.

I would be missing these great teachers of my school, Balabag Elementary School. My dear teachers keep up the good works. I know you could do it well. I know your pupils could much from you. You deserve to be recognized and honored on October 5, Teachers' Day.

Congratz, teachers! Good luck, kids! I love you all!

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