Sunday, January 08, 2017

Reminiscence of 2011 First Family Outing

My family is the best associate, companion I ever have. I thank God for this wonderful family I have had. This is one of the things I treasure most. For good times and bad times, the members of my family are there to be with me to inspire and strengthen me. I'm thankful that family can be forever and we can be together for time and eternity.

My wife and I sharing foods
My wife and I sharing foods

Year 2011 is another opportunity to nurture and rear up my family in the Lord's way. We welcome year 2011 and thank the Lord for the blessings He has given us in any form and situation. Thus we strengthen our family in anyway and by going out in the beach for the first time in the New Year is a realization of this gratefulness to our Father in heaven.

With this particularly kind of family bonding in going out to the beach, we had already commenced and would do it again and again in the following year and even in the years to come.

We reiterate that family is so important for us. It makes our life worth living because of our family especially in taking care of our children's future. We could have a better position in doing so if we are united, if we are one as inspired by the Lord's work and purpose for making our family together forever.

The Wholesome Family Activities in 2011

But before going to the beach in the morning of January 1, the following family activities we'd done:

A. New Year's Eve

B. Media Noche (Midnight Snack)

Beach Activities:

A. The Kids

B. The Foods

It is indeed an accomplished family outing we have had for 7 years starting in 2011 till this year 2017. We are so thankful so much for this great opportunity the Lord has given us. We know that our family could be together forever.

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