Monday, January 02, 2012

Family Day at Las Olas 2012

Five of my six children (my eldest son is in Mindanao), 4 grandchildren, one nephew and one son-in-law joined with us in our one-day family outing today at Las Olas beach resort, San Enrique, Negros Occidental.

This is our usual family day activity during New Year's day. Since this year's new year falls on Sunday and we have to go to Church and attend our Sunday services on that day, so we spent it the following day, Monday. It's good that there's no classes on this day.

3_family 1_family
7_family 8_family
2_family 4_family
5_family 6_family

Las Olas beach resort is situated in a more or less 2-hectare of land along the seashore. The Swiss national, Frederick Harkness owns the Las Olas. Cottages, Nipa huts, conference hall, big canteen are avaiable for the excursionists, transient visitors for a day or two outings to free themselves of the boredom of their day-to-day jobs.

The rentals are ranging from Php600 per cottage, Php800 per nipa hut, and Php 1,500 for conference/function hall. Entrance fee: adult, Php10 and child, Php7.

1_las_olas 2_las_olas
3_las_olas 4_las_olas

We brought along our foods for our lunch and snacks. Almon, my son-in-law grilled the "gusao", a kind of a fish, which he bought from the fresh catch of the fishermen who just fished them along the seashore. It's so satisfying to eat them directly cooked from the grill, while it's still hot!

1_food 2_food
3_food 4_food
5_food 6_food

Las Olas beach resort is one of the good beaches here in Negros Occidental. It could be one of your good options to find one to have a relaxation with your family, outing with some friends, and a conference venue for your business partners and associates. Eighty to ninety persons could be accommodated in their function/conference native hall. Rooms for 3 to 4 persons are also available for transients to occupy for overnight. Water and light facilities are available. For entertainment, videoke bar is also available. There's also a canteen for short-order foods.

1_view 2_view
3_view 4_view
5_view 6_view
7_view 8_view

We've a great fun and a happy, enjoyable family reunion. We went home past five in the afternoon. All of our grandchildren were exhausted, fatigue for a whole day playing at the seashore. All their faces turned red. We've some fun at the beach once in every year as a family by tradition. And it's also our grand family reunion.

We do believe that "families could be together forever."


  1. A family that has fun together stays together. :) I haven't heard of this resort till now. I should check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't really like beaches but I suddenly miss going to beach. I can;t remember when was the last time I went to a beach. I wish we could spend our summer vacation in a beach with our relatives.

  3. One of my personal philosophies: little things are BIG things. It's always the little things that matter. Spending time with the family, bonding, laughing, upholding traditions, making memories... those are little things that hold big in our hearts. Lovely family you have!

  4. even simple things are memorable if shared or done with the family...nice new year tradition Sir Gil!

  5. i also treasure every family activity we do, be it big or small. close family ties and frequent quality bonding time is very important in my opinion

  6. fun time with family,swimming and eating while having fun together.ang sarap ng makopa.tagal ko ng di nakakakain nyan

  7. I love seeing pictures like these- A big happy family! And this is my first to hear about the beautiful resort. I wish I could also bring my whole family to such a nice place!

  8. that's relatively cheap to go especially with a big family, but I hoe that the owner develop more the place so that it could attract more visitors and guest

  9. family reunions are priceless. you seems to have a very fun-loving family sir Gil! all the best to you and your family!

    times like this are those that i truly miss.

  10. I envy you . You still have the quality time for your family .

  11. This made me look back at old days. We have quite a big clan too and we used to do this kind of gathering before. I wonder when we will be able to do it again.

    Very nice set of family pictures!

  12. How I wish I can get to experience this again. I live in Sorsogon where beaches are like minutes away but it's been more than a year since I've had gone their with the family...

    thank you sir for sharing this...I'll these pics are great to help me visualize and fill that want (to bond with the family) with love... :) as I've read before "if you want something to happen you have to fill it with love"

  13. Families should always come first ... in anything and everything ... they are the one thing that will always be there for you.

  14. I love resorts like those especially if you spend it with friends or family. It'd be even better if you can bring your own food that you can grill and bond while cooking everything.

    Ok, I need to plan one soon. Nice pictures!

  15. the entrance is cheap and the cottages have fair price. it is nice to see that as a family you still bond together and enjoy each others company. God bless :)

  16. it must've been fun bonding with your family + swimming in the beach is one cool way to spend your precious time together...reading your post made me want to go to the beach now ^_^

  17. Gayan kami noon. Sinugbang isda, local fruits, tapos maligo sa baybay dagat kasama ang buong pamilya. Yan ang patunay ng matibay na relasyon ng pamilyang Pilipino.