Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gamefowls Breeding, Lucrative Business

Breeding fighting cocks is a profitable business venture here in Negros Occidental, particularly in Bago City, Philippines.

Aguirre in his GEG farm
Former Mayor of La Carlota City, Juancho Aguirre is one of these breeders who in his spare time go to his 6.4 hectare gamefowl farm in Brgy. Lunao, Bago City to supervise, monitor and attain to the needs of his several fighting cocks there. He started breeding fighting cocks in 1977. Since he's an agriculturist, he knows some technique in raising these gamefowls.
He started raising "greys" specie of chickens. His line game came from another former Mayor of the city, late "Nonoy" Jalandoni, who used to import "Duke Hulsey" line and the regular greys.

gamefowl_1 gamefowl_2

The greys have undergone a lot of in-breeding and crossbreeding all the years.

gamefowl_5 gamefowl_6

Gamefowl industry is good. Locally-bred chickens can fight the best in the world, told Aguirre. These gamefowls here are well-taken care of.

gamefowl_9 gamefowl_10

"Lemons" and "Greys" are the main bloodlines of these fighting cocks [roosters], that are maintained by Aguirre for more than 30 years now.

As a breeder, Aguirre is connected with the Negros Breeders Gamefowls Association (NGBA) as prersident.And he is the vice president of the National Federation of Gamefowls Breeders, Inc. (NFGB), 2009 - 2010.

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  1. How can you know the bloodline of a rooster?

  2. With his years of experience, most likely he has mastered how to breed the best fighting cocks.

  3. Yung magagaling na sa tingin palang sa paa ng manok alam na ang breed. Yung tatay ko mahilig sa ganyan at ang buong pamilya namin ako lang ata ang walang hilig sa sabong madidirihin kasi ako. wahahahah

  4. This must be a very expensive business.

  5. wow fighting cocks, my uncles have fighting cocks before and their diet is even special! they perform so may TLC everyday and my aunts will always tease that they love their fighting cocks that their wives.. hehe

  6. Siguro ang laki ng puhunan na kailangan dito. Syempre kailangan mo ng maraming tandang para magbreed ng mga champion cocks.

  7. Meron din Panabong ang Bayaw ko pero diko alam mga breed.. hehehe..
    Pero iilan lang sila kasi sabi nya mahirap at magastos daw kapag marami...

  8. My dad is also a breeder of gamefowls for probably 15 years now. I agree it is profitable whether big time or small time (like my dad). ^_^

  9. This is good business for those who like
    cockfights but it requires a huge lot to take care
    as many cocks as possible.