Sunday, July 22, 2012

ANHS Journalism Workshop | Inspiring, Informative Journalism Attempt

The recent journalism workshop for 19 staff members of the school paper of Antipolo National High School, ANHS ECHO was a success.  The participants were able to enhance their journalistic skills.

ANHS is a national high school located at the District II of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, PH.

These promising, budding young writers generally claimed that their workshop was inspiring, enjoyable, and informative.

They said the journalistic skills have been enhanced, enriched and even improved so that they could come up with their maiden issue before the end of this July 2012.

Young Journalists in Action
Young Journalists Writing Their Articles as part of their workshop

They're very thankful for the support of their school advisers like Mrs. Eurica Magbanua, Ms. Peache Nadenne Lopez, and Mr. Arlen G. Malacaman.

They're ever thankful also to the effort and experience shared by Mr. Gilbor (Gil) Camporazo who was their invited resource speaker for their one-day journalism workshop.

The Resource Speaker Giving Lecture
Gil Camporazo, the resource speaker giving lecture

The Resource Speaker Conferring with Staff Advisers
The Resource Speaker Conferring with Staff Advisers

Testimonies and Impressions

"I enjoy the workshop because Sir Camporazo is very enjoyable [funny]. He tells us about his experiences from his childhood days and elementary school days. He teaches us very well about techniques in writing. We never get bored. He has many jokes and punchlines to make us laugh. He helps us know more about journalism. Thank you, Sir!" - Olivia Genobis, Literary Writer

"This workshop is our key that unlocks the gate that prevents us for entering the paradise of journalism... Mr. Camporazo, a son of God who uses the gift.. to share and entertain people. He impresses me of his achievement in the field of writing, of his quick mind to think, of sharing funny stories which are inspiring.

Sir, you add another star that I will strive to reach. A star containing my dream that one day I can achieve something like yours, that someday I can share also my talent to many people." - Suzanne Gitano, Feature Writing Editor.

The ANHS Echo staff with the Resource Speaker
The Echo staff with the Resource Speaker

"The workshop was fun and worked very well. Mr. Gilbor Camporazo is a good speaker. I like how he shares his experiences when he was still a college student. He was the best grey-haired speaker I've listened to lately." - Kassele Llanes, Sports Writing

"This workshop is unforgettable. We are very happy. We are happy to work with Sir Gilbor Camporazo." - Janelle L. Frayco, News

"I enjoy so much and I learn so many things from him. He is one of the persons who can be an inspiration." - Jeanyzl Dein G. Awacay, Literary

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  1. yeah, it is important to report the truth in journalism, rather than reporting bs like in the mainstream media news.