Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Humble Transformation of Cubay Elementary School

Cubay Elementary School in the Division of La Carlota was physically facelift and transformed into a well-maintained school, conducive for learning since the conduct of Brigada Eskwela, a national maintenance program of the Department of Education every 3rd week of the month of May in which concerned volunteers jointly and severally donated their generous time, efforts and service to what it is now.

As the school principal of this school, I took the following pictures after recess period between 9:45 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. while classes are going on. You couldn't see any pupil loitering around during class hour. They're all inside their classrooms. Only the school principal is going around, observing classes, checking teachers' lesson plans, school forms and other pupils' records.

Cubay Elem. School Ground 5

The school principal who is a writer, journalist and a blogger was very much grateful to the all-out support of the external and internal stakeholders of what Cubay Elementary School at present when compared to the first day when he was transferred to this school from his previous school assignment, Nagasi Elementary School.

Cubay Elem. School Ground 1

Due credits were given to the PTA President, Mrs. Racquel D. Angelitud who took the initiative in leading the parents, and guardians of the school children in giving their time and efforts for the maintenance of the school.

The indefatigable effort of Punong Barangay of Cubay, Noel Vargas who led the barangay council in supporting the school in the form of services and in kind donations. The support of Vice Mayor David Baga, Jr. was also acknowledged.

Principal's Office

The women's organization led by the wife of Brgy. Capt. Vargas, the youth organization (Sangguniang Kabataan), and the religious sector represented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints under its "helping hands" community project were duly recognized too.

Cubay Elem. School Ground 4

And the efforts of the teachers in day-to-day activities for the whole week were indispensable. They gave necessary instructions to the volunteers.

Cubay Elem. School Ground 6

The school principal humbly acknowledged all those who gave their moral and spiritual support through a prayer of thanksgiving blessing be bestowed upon them because of their invaluable services, efforts, time and money spent for the success of school maintenance.

All these efforts were also recognized by the school heads of other schools who attended the recent Management Committee (MANCOM) meeting held in this school. They were impressed of the physical transformation of the school through the concerted efforts of the community, the barangay council, Local Government Unit, and the teachers.

Thank you Lord for all these things. Bless them all!


  1. Great transformation. It is now even more conducive to learning.

    1. and really great effort for the school administrators to clean up the school.

  2. This considerable improvement in the school environment should encourage the children to do better in their studies.

  3. congratulations to Cubay Elementary School! You are very fortunate to have many dedicated people working towards the development of the school. I hope many more schools follow their footsteps...

  4. no matter how simple the design of a school is, as long as it is clean and orderly... its the best for me. keep it up. Yahweh bless.

  5. The government should invest more to programs like this. This may seem simple for most people, but really, the investment goes a long way kasi its the kids (the future of this country) who'll benefit from it. Sabi nga ng mama ko, education lang daw maipapamana nila ni papa samen. And I truly believe that I won't be the same if I didn't go to a good school. And by good I meant a place conducive to learning, secured, and comfortable.

  6. wow very clean and well organized! I miss my school.. we also have a garden like that in our school. :) We should really exert effort to make the school environment conducive for learning, kids will take this experiences home, additional to the things they learn from books.

  7. wow, this is really good for the students. No more dengue worries. The school environment is clean. Good!

  8. congrats! this must be good news for those who study here. education is a pretty important thing and if no change is done on their surroundings, their education will be affected. hopefully this transformation will inspire the kids to do better.