Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gil & Rebing - 61st Synchronous Birthday

Gil and Rebing in Artwork
Artwork done by Gilbor Junior
October 13 marks our 61st synchronous birthday with my wife, Rebecca Demabildo-Camporazo, who is fondly called as Rebing.

In the previous year we'd spent our birthday by visiting our former lover's place in the campus of La Carlota City College.

This year we just stay at home and enjoy our simple birthday celebration with a birthday cake for the first time in our life.

Our 3rd eldest daughter provided the cake for us, spaghetti, maja blanca, bihon guisado, softdrinks.

These simple food preparations are enough for our family members to enjoy like our 4 grandchildren, 5 children and two visitors of Gingging.

Recollecting our memories

Our happy days together:

Gil and Rebing Happy Moments
We're together in a happy moments

Our lovely family:

My Family
My family

Our special day when we greet each other and exchange eating the cake after blowing it:

Blowing the candle of the cake
Blowing the candle of the cake

Cake eating

The birthday party, though simple and austere, yet it is memorable and for the first time that we've our own cake. Rebing is all smile for this. We're very grateful for our daughter who facilitated all these and it's a success! We thank her for this with all of our heart and gratefulness. Thank you, Ging!.


  1. Oh this is so sweet. Belated happy birthday to both of you. :)

    1. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU..I wish you both a more fullfilling years of success and happiness in life...GOD BLESS