Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 CES In-Service Training, a Success!

The 3-day In-Service Training of Cubay Elementary School, Division of La Carlota successfully enhanced its 13 teachers' teaching competence and skills particularly in dealing with various types of learners, familiarizing and enriching the learning types of every learner, and acquiring skill in utilizing technology technique in facilitating learning among their pupils.

Teacher in group activity
Teachers in group activity
The resource speakers spent much time in giving them the needed data, skills and techniques especially in dealing with their learners of various types.

Miss Gloria G. Tionsay, CES foster parent, monitored the second day of the session. She discussed with the teachers the effective way or approach  of making pupils at risk taken care and be given an appropriate attention for them to learn and be retained in school.

Ms. Emelyn A. Asin, records officer II of the Division of La Carlota City updated the teachers on the legal points as stipulated in Republic Act 9470, the National Archive of the Philippines Act of 2007 and also she stressed on the proper way of handling school records and disposing them when needed.

Another invited resource speaker was Gilbor D. Camporazo, Jr., a LaSalTech 2nd-year programmer student who imparted the teachers the basic methods of using the PowerPoint Presentation to aid the transfer of learning to the pupils via modern technology. Teachers with their respective laptop followed in toto their hands-on activity for two-and-a-half hours session.

The school principal, Mr. Gil Camporazo lectured the teachers on the diversity of learners as there are multiple intelligences, the styles of making the pupils learned, the approach in applying the differentiated instruction to different kinds or types of learners.

Day One INSET Activities
Opening program, series of lecture on various types of intelligences
and demo teaching
Day One

Day two INSET activities
Education Program Specialist Tionsay monitoring the activity
and Ms. Emelyn Asin, Records Officer II of the Division of
La Carlota City handling R.A. 9470 updates to the teachers on
handling of school records, issuance and disposing them legally.
Day Two

Day three INSET activities
Hands-on training on ICT-aided teaching and learning for the pupils and
simple closing program ensued like turning over the outputs of every
group by its respective leader.
Day Three and Closing Program

Above average was the over-all rating of the seminar and the resource speakers/trainers.

Foods, facilities like visual and handouts were rated excellent.

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  1. yeah, that is good. they are aware of the variety of students they have, and they need to accommodate with each person with a different method of teaching them to help them get the most out of education. i was always bored when i was young, in school. i therefore decided, early on, to learn on my own as well as make the initiative in learning, if i wanted to learn anything.