Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of His Return Suprises Us

Former Elder Mark Anthony C. Malig of Pampanga, Philippines as one of those faithful members of the Church, surprised us tonight for his return after serving us here a full-time missionary for three months sometime in November, December and January in 2008.

La Carlota was his last year after completing his 2-year mission here in Region VI, Western Visayas.

Tony Malig how he was regarded by his companion missionaries before is worth remembering not only as a well-esteemed by his fellow missionary and the saints (members) of the Church but many more. It seems yesterday that we were together in attending our Sunday services. It seems yesterday that my youngest son, Gilbor Junior, was his regular ward missionary companion every time they're visiting members, doing some proselyting and teaching referrals and "investigators" of the Church.

He's Back

After his mission, he pursued his college course by taking up Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE). Then he took the board exams and finally landed a teaching job in high school in Pampanga. Right he is teaching MAPEH (Music, Arts, PE and Health).

Since it is a summer vacation, he takes time out to visit his missionary areas here in Negros Occidental. Some of the places he visited  here are Aguisan in Hinigaran, La Castellana, Haguimit, and La Carlota where he stays for awhile until his vacation is over.

He made a surprise visit in our house Wednesday. He posed as an NBI agent looking for this blogger. I was at home doing some updates in my blog and answering some messages from the social media. My wife was so worried why such NBI personnel is looking for me. I get out from our house and accosted a tall man, wearing a rayban. He handed me an old copy of a Negros Daily Bulletin and instructed me to read page 5 of that newspaper. What I see is Vibrations, a column which I maintained in the said newspaper bearing an article entitled, "Elder Malig: Missionary Work is Hardwork, Priceless."

And he's back. I am happy for him for he never forgets us. He keeps us as one of his personal valuables in which we're so thankful about it. I am much appreciative of his attitude by keeping the newspaper I'd written for my simple to tribute to him as a missionary. My daughter-in-law, Ma. Carissa, Toto Jun, and my wife welcome him with open arms and invited him to have a dinner.

We're so thankful for your presence for this reminds us the importance of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. Time doesn't fail us to meet again so as with Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever to redeem us from our sins.

Elder Malig and WM Camporazo
Tony as a Missionary

“Elder, thank you for all the things that I've learned [from you]. Sadya gid ang zone naton. PRICELESS!” wrote Elder Arvin “Ajo” Despuig in Elder Malig's book of remembrance.

“Well every story has an ending. Your mission is soon to be over. You really did your very best. You are an example of the believers. Your examples are greatly shown by [your] action. Just remember the greatest treasure om heaven is character and the greatest measure of true success in mission is how closely you become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ,” added Elder Melchior L. Manosig.

“Thankful man ako na naging zone leader kita dito sa La Carlota. Damo gid ako natun-an sa imo lalo na sa pagkuha (paglab-ot) sang goal,” related Elder Ramacula.

“A missionary is like a pencil. Everything you do will always leave a mark. You may always correct (erase) any mistake (repentance). The most important part is what is on the inside. You will undergo some painful sharpening which will make you more usable (a better missionary). Most important to be the best you can be [by] allowing yourself to be held and guided by the hand [of the person] who holds you,” analogized Elder Cyrel John F. Gutlay of Sorsogon.

“Good things come to an end and thank you for being a nice ZONE LEADER in La Carlota... Your mission is your liahona for 2 years of diligence, hard work and endurance,” pointed out Elder Nachor of Agusan del Sur.

“I know nga damu2x gd imuh gnhmu pra sa amon: 1. xa pgbulig muh za amun branch; 2. xa pgreport muh xa amun; 3. xa pgbulig muh xa pgprepare para xa amun YW anniversary; 4. xa imung mga Jokezzzz,” wrote Sister Larene S. Dioma of Branch 2, La Carlota.

“Ikaw ang perfect companion na pwedeng magpatay sakon... Cge – wala nang damong salita.. Kita kits nalang sa Luzon. Lab yu Bro! Salamat sa tanan!” mused Elder Shared Kish B. San Jose of Caloocan.

“Naka tatak kana sa aming puso forever,” addressed Bro. Myco Memes of La Carlota 1st Branch.

“Kamo lang ang missionary na naging friend namon... Thank you gd sa mga jokes mo,” expressed Sister Quincy Ann Yu of La Carlota 2nd branch.

“Once you've been a 'FTM' (full-time missionary), you'll never forget your hard work on your hands forever,” reminded Brother Gilbor Camporazo, Jr of La Carlota 1st branch.

Hasta La Vista

Nice meeting you again, brod. Tony! Hasta la vista. Till we meet again.

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