Thursday, May 15, 2014

Geeree: Budding Trainer Animator To Watch

First Trainer's Training for Animation in the Division of La Carlota City was recently conducted for 5 days on animation for enhancing classroom teaching.

Thirty-five teachers including the Alternative Learning System (ALS) instructional managers (IMs) underwent the training handled by ICT teachers like Jeffrey Castel, Jr. and Karl Agreda of Dona Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School.

Using their own laptop, the trainer-trainees have received hands-on activity from their instructors. The training was limited to the fundamental of Adobe Flash, Webpage and Animation.

Our youngest daughter, Geeree Camporazo, ALS IM was one of the two participants whose output on animation was chosen for actual presentation during the closing program. While presenting it to the big screen, she expounded the basic operation in making the walking man and woman coming from opposite direction with a lively music background  for several minutes of running-time.

La Carlota SDS Portia M. Mallorca, ASDS Gladys Sales, and EPS-ALS Avelino Santillan had inspired the curious, excited participants of their messages. They expected from every participant an output that could be adapted in innovating their teaching strategy by applying the technology technique they have learned from this training.


The participants and their trainers

Geeree's Animated Output

The Trainer-Trainees in Action

The Trainor

SDS Mallorca with the trainer-trainees

The Supportive La Carlota DepEd Administrators

Trainers Receiving Certificate of Completion

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