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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Child Well-being Is Everyone's Business

by Gil Camporazo

Have you read the African literature that it takes the whole community to educate the child? And providing the child his education is one of his inalienable rights. To fully cater to the holistic development of the child, his nature should seriously be taken into account.

Sir Camporazo giving the concluding statement on bullying
In my practical point of view as asked by the first trainor, Mam Castro of Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School (DHSBNHS), Balabag Extension, I have defined child's traits through an acrostic like C for curious, H for humble, I for inquisitive, L for loving, and D for desirous to know more, an endless crave for knowledge.

There are situations, events, incidents in the life of the child that his rights are not respected, are not observed instead they're withheld and even curtailed. They're even maltreated, abused, exploited. That is why to address this malpractices of parents, relatives, and even teachers who handle them during class hours, there measures may include proper information dissemination, training for the parents, and community-sharing responsibility.

Sir Camporazo giving lecture on child rights

And bullying is one of them in which the way I perceived it, has started since the world began. I have kept on repeating this over and over again.

"Why only now this measure to control the practice of bullying is given much attention by our government," I reacted on the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013. This is to simply say in Filipino popular song, "Marami na tahanan na wasak... pusong nasugatan..."

Bullying may happen in various modes or situations such as unwanted physical contact between the bully and the victim, damaging act which affects the mind and the well-being of the bully, slanderous statement or accusation like foul language, name calling, and cyber-bullying through technology or electronic medium.

Sir Arbado lecturing on gender based violence

As our joint echo seminar/workshop on child protection and anti-bullying is about to be concluded, I spared a time in sharing my unforgettable experiences on bullying since I was a grade two pupil sometime in 1962. I was able to stop that humiliating treatment which my classmate and second cousin, Mario inflicted on me when I boxed him and hit him on his left face which put him to sleep for several minutes. Since then and until he passed away, I have never ever been bullied by him.

The stakeholder-participants

Our seminar/workshop was well attended by our stakeholders, internal and external. PTA both in elementary and in secondary was well represented.The pupils/students supreme government was also actively involved themselves. Punong Barangay Joel Rumbines and his two council members, Ms. Emma Solis and Rolly Estilloso made their representation too. The resource speakers/lecturers were freshened from their recent seminar/workshop on child protection and anti-bullying conducted by the Division of La Carlota City.

The major topics covered were child development, child rights, gender based violence, child sexual abuse, personal safety lessons, anti-bullying. These were enhanced by group activities, brainstorming, discussions, and role playing. The trainors were Mam Joylin P. Castro, Sir Erle P. Arbado, Mam Myra A. Medes of high school group, while in the elementary group was composed of this blogger, Mam Ma. Juvy V. Tadlan, and Mam Mailyn M. Miguel.

The key persons on the implementing agencies

Who's Job Is This?

The parents who bring their child to school should not say that it is the school's duties and responsibilities to respect and provide the rights of the child. Likewise the teachers in the school should not shrug their shoulders and say that it is not their job too, but rather put the major responsibility to government.In this scenario, they're finger-pointing now.

Let's put plain and simple. It has been emphasized in the seminar that child rights are everybody's business. Thus everybody in the community should work for the implementation of child rights and it should be at all levels, that is from local to national, and national to international.

What are you  now waiting for?

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