Wednesday, December 10, 2014

23-Month-Old Sophie Reads a Book

by Gil Camporazo

In one evening as I was busy updating my various blogs for a written articles, I noticed my two granddaughters who were playing in our visitor's lounge. The older one was singing her favorite song while the cute younger one was attentively watching and listening her.

Moment later, the older stopped singing, grabbed a big book and started reading. The kid took a small book and pretended to be reading it. She's too curious to know how to read. Her interest in reading is great and she wants to do what her cousin is doing too.

I was referring to Inday Sophie who is 1-year-old-and-11-month old has joined with her first cousin, Adgel Camporazo-Tolones, 11-year old and a grade V pupil in reading a book.

Sophie took one book, "MAX and ME and the TIME MACHINE" (1983) by Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick from underneath of our small glass-centered table in our sofa set. Then she found a comfortable place in one of the upholstered chairs from the said set of sofas. She randomly turned the pages.

1 ruiner 2 ruiner
3 ruiner 4 ruiner

Looking at Adgel who was reading "TWO BAD ANTS" by Chris Van Allsburg from Spotlight on Literacy), Inday Sophie kept on turning and turning every page of her book. She also kept on mumbling and mumbling as if she was reading the selection from the book.

1 ruiner 2 ruiner
3 ruiner 4 ruiner

Inday Sophie is very smart.Though she couldn't read words yet, she just mumbles pretending to be reading. Inday Sophie is so smart. She's too easy to teach. She's very curious and too demanding to be taught for what she wants.

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