Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Synergeia Monitors SGC Implementation

"We make education work"  and  "communities working together" show how Synergeia work with the school.

Synergeia is a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations working to improve the quality of basic education. Etymologically, Synergeia is defined as "a union of forces whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

They implement programs to improve basic education for nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren in 250 municipalities in the Philippines. They engage local governments, socio-civic groups, schools, teachers, parents, and students to work together in upgrading basic education.

Starting this month of September, Synergeia is fielding their key personnel to visit every school especially in public to create an opportunity on how it could be helped in "making education work," particularly here in the Division of La Carlota City.

Too busy
Too busy
Dr. Ernesto Malvas, a representative of Synergeia started his monitoring activity yesterday with six elementary schools in the Division of La Carlota City and another six schools today.

Dr. Malvas was checking the existing of school governing council (SGC) in every school in the Division of La Carlota City for there are schools which haven't been organized their SGC yet which has a major role in the discharge of school's function to the fullest especially on the learners' retention and curriculum support, among others..

Dr. Malvas visited our school with SDS Portia M. Mallorca on the following day. He took pictures of our transparency board.

He checked the school's annual implementation plan, the annual procurement plan, school improvement plan, and read the school principal's summit report of school year 2014-2015.

He took a warm and friendly interview with the Punong Barangay Joel E. Rumbines and School PTA Federation President Mary Jane O. Ramo including the school head. He discussed with them the important role of school governing council in terms of all-out support to the school for making it works.

He mentioned that the Barangay is one the sectoral agencies in society, which could boost the morale of the school, could sustain the school for its learner's welfare and future. Likewise, he mentioned that the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) is one of the organizations too that could assist the school in various projects mostly intended for the learners.

In his side, the school principal presented his plan to reorganize the SGC so that it could function well. During the family week which is within the month of September, the SGC sectoral representatives would be called up in a special meeting.

Dr. Malvas mentioned that some of the important members of SGC are the Punong Barangay, PTA Federation President, Alumni Association Representative, and other sectors in the community. It should be the collaborative efforts of those concerned.

Before the interview proper
Before the interview proper

Hoping for the Best

When all of the SGCs in the 24 elementary and secondary schools here in La Carlota City will function effectively, the school principal would be greatly helped and he would be monitoring the in and out of the SGC's activities.

Dr. Malvas is hopeful that by 2018 everything would be in order. Active and effective SGCs are all working. And all problems of the school are properly addressed to and are being solved.

He observed that the activities of the school could be managed by the school principal alone but by everybody in the community. He reemphasized the principle on the community's job in educating the child. That's is "it takes the community to educate the child."

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