Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Earthquake Drill Makes School Goers Alert, Confident

by Gil Camporazo

Not only the students and pupils of the school are prepared and ready for a natural disaster like earthquake, but the loss of lives may be prevented if they know what to do during the earthquake as pointed out by the Balabag Elementary School principal after the conduct of an earthquake drill to join the entire country of Mass Earthquake Drill which is done by the school and other government agencies simultaneously this morning.

The Balabag Elementary School in the Division of La Carlota City, Negros Island Region through its School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (SDRRM) headed by the School Head, Mr. Gilbor I. Camporazo with the cooperation of  Brgy. Balabag Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (BDRRM) headed by Punong Brgy. Joel Rumbines conducted the earthquake drill on June 22, 2016 in line with the 2nd Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 2016.

By 9:00 O’clock in the morning, a 1-minute ring of the bell was sounded to signal the occurrence of the quake that rocks the school. All pupils in their respective rooms were alert to hide by themselves under their desks or chairs to protect themselves from the falling debris coming from the ceiling.

When the bell stopped, they slowly came out from their classrooms while observing the “duck, walk and hold” procedure of getting out and going to the designated safe evacuation area.

Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Head in Action

Punong Brgy. Joel Rumbines while supervising the drill accompanied the grade 2 pupils in heading to their designated evacuation place where they are safe.

Parents of the Kinder pupils were also supervising their respective children, leading them also to the safe evacuation center as designated in the School Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Before the pupils were dismissed and went to their respective classes , Punong Brgy. Joel Rumbines gave a brief lecture on what to do when a natural disaster like the earthquake may happen. He stressed the importance of natural way of protecting themselves like the “duck, walk, and hold” method of leaving their classrooms.

He appreciated the concern of everybody not only the teaching staff, the school principal, but also the assistance of the parents who were present and who were taking care of their children.

School DRRM Head's Impression

While for his part, the School Principal, Mr. Gilbor I. Camporazo appreciated the alertness and the presence of mind of the pupils in the conduct of the earthquake drill. He was impressed by the attitude of every pupil in responding to the natural disaster occurrence like the earthquake. He also commended the involvement of the teachers in supervising their respective pupils on what to do during the earthquake, especially in making the head count of their pupils.

Any disaster may come if everybody is doing their part especially in making the children safe and protected, loss of lives may be prevented, the principal concluded.

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