Friday, July 07, 2017

Last Camp Fire for Sir Romeo Toda

Scouts and scouters coming from the City of San Carlos, Sagay, Talisay, Bago, Binalbagan, Himamaylan, Kabankalan, and La Carlota paid the last tribute to Sir Romeo B. Toda's last camp fire conducted by the Negros Occidental Council, Boy Scout of the Philippines in a 2-hour heartbreaking simple rites.

Death is An Appointed Time 

Pastor/Scouter Romeo Camporaso stressed in his message of comfort to everyone especially to the bereaved family of Sir Toda that "it is appointed me... to die" according to Hebrew 9:27. No one exempted of dying and no one may not know when his appointed time to die should come.

Pastor Jilson Vallejera, ALT offered the opening prayer. 

Lighting of the Council Fire

Council Roberto P. Maguad, LT lighted the council fire.

Putting Up of Phil. National Flag

Alejandro Ticao, ALT and Bienvenido C. Fundador, ALT/CMT put the Philippine National Flag to the coffin.

Turning over of scarf, beads, and woggle

Enrique A. Toda, Jr., BSP Venturer Rank turned over the scarf, beads and woggle to the council as represented by CSE Maguad.

Giving Tribute

NOC-BSP Treasurer, Congressman Leo Rafael M. Cueva of Sagay City gave his tribute, followed by ALT Fundador as a friend. From the family, Enrique A. Toda, Jr. summarized his tribute to his grandfather in an acronym of ROMEO which stands for Right, Observant, Memory, Effort/energy, and Okay.

A heartbreaking tribute was shared by CSE Maguad. He relayed the dedication and determination of Sir Toda to the scouting movement. He hailed how a true-blooded scouter Sir Toda is in spite of her old age. He could still tackle the survival task especially in climbing, in staying late at night. Until he gave up due to his health reason as per advised by his doctor.

Scouter Ramy Gayadao, ALT acknowledged the presence of everyone in behalf of the La Carlota Scouting Committee. Scouter Ticao shared a farewell message with all thanksgiving. And Scouter Mark Tompong, ALT offered the benediction.

Scouter Ma. Rosario F. Gangoso, ALT was the emcee. Scouter Lynne Brillo led the singing of scouting related songs.

All scouters took the last view of the demise after the camp fire rites.

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  1. I was only a boy scout for a couple of years in high school. I never saw rites like this before. Interesting to see how these funeral rites in the scouting tradition.

  2. Yap,a tradition indeed. Our local scouting council is doing that for those who connected with council as a trainor, leader or the like.