Sunday, June 18, 2017

Best Tatay (Father), Am I?

Today is Father's Day. What's it in store for me, especially from my children?

The five fathers in our family
The Fathers in our family: ltr-Papa Tipoy, Toto Jun, Papa Almon, Papa Dondon, and Tatay Gilbor

I have six children. Four of them are married. They've their job to support their family. Only my 2nd daughter and the youngest daughter are single. We've raised them through thick and thin. At least we've not failed them. We've sent them to school. We've raised them according to the "nurture and admonition of the Lord".

In this special day for all fathers, our children have shown their thoughtfulness by sharing me inspiring  messages and words of gratefulness. My wife, Rebing and I are so happy about it. We've nothing to give them in return but to be proud and be happy and to continue or to edify our family relationship for we believe that family could be together forever.

Our children's have their own unique way in expressing themselves on how happy. grateful they are as their father. The following pictures so expressed them.

From our 3rd elder daughter, An An who is working abroad:

From our youngest daughter, Gigi who is an instructional manager in ALS:

From our 2nd elder daughter, Gingging who is a computer cafe owner: "Happy fathers day sa tanan na tatay! Gil Camporazo, Mon Tolones, Greg Camporazo, Stephen Jaud, Gilbor Camporazo Jr."

From our eldest son, Dondon who is a farmer and small business man via messenger: "Happy fathers day tay"

From our daughter-in-law, Inday Carissa, wife of our youngest son who is a computer programmer:

At the Church, taking a posterity pose after our Sunday Services:

Family Lunch in our favorite eatery across the public plaza:

Simple, Austere Date: an afternoon snack of our favorite Batchoy (noodle) at our favorite Batchoy fast food stall...

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  1. It's just nice to stumble upon your blog and read! Happy father's day po! Indeed you are such a good tatay! Best pa po!

    1. Maraming salamat. Thank you very much.

  2. You've accomplished a lot and I believe that your children are proud that you're their father. All of them have good lives and they've been raised well.

  3. You guys all seem so happy! :)

  4. Happy belated father's day. Six kids are a lot. We are one less in my family ahah! You've accomplished a lot and done a lot for your kids! Sure they are grateful and proud! xx corinne

  5. Happy father's day! I can imagine how proud you are of what your children have become. The nurturing did turn-out well for you family.

  6. Happy belated father's day! You're definitely a great dad and i'm sure your kids will do you proud :)

  7. Belated Happy Fathers Day po. You seem to be very close to your kids in these pics. Surely they think very highly of you, their tatay.

  8. This is so touching! All the messages from your children is very much a proof that you're indeed an amazing father!

  9. In this generation wherein there are many fathers who doesn`t take responsibility for their kids, it`s truly heartwarming to read that you and your wife were able to raise your children well. I`m glad they appreciate you. Belated Happy Father`s Day po!

    ❀ Grace ❀

  10. Belated Happy Father's Day po! I know your kids are pretty lucky to have you as their father :)

  11. Seeing their photos with you is heartwarming already. Sending greetings may be just a simple gesture but it's a touching move that's priceless especially from people you love.

  12. You are a good family man and a good person. It's really heartwarming to see the love you received in fathers day. I can see your legacy in your family.

  13. Wow, congratulations. You have such a big and happy family. This sounds like true success to me :)

  14. You are truly an honorable, responsible and amazing father. We need more of you especially these days when so many children are "fatherless". God bless you more!

  15. I salute fathers like you. It's amazing seeing how well your family is. Not everyone is blessed with that kind of bond.