Friday, May 29, 2015

How Things Made Easy at LIS

by Gil Camporazo

Learner Information System (LIS) is introduced by the Department of Education to make things easier for the teachers and also for the education agency as well.

Every learner has been issued a learner reference number (LRN) for easy tracking of his whereabout and for the DepEd to maintain a learner registry for that matter.

With the teacher's job made easy especially in providing a complete learner profile and with a voluminous learner data in a centralized registry of learner, the DepEd could have the assurance of genuine, reliable, valid info of those learners for an accurate decision making.

Since LIS inception sometime in 2012, problems, issues and other LIS concerns are great for a teacher to handle and likewise with a limited computer literate teachers, related issues were piling up.

LIS help desk was created to handle those unhealthy situations. With the diligence, invaluable services of those members of LIS team of admins, data issues and corrections guides were created to address effectively and inteligently the common problems which every teacher, ICT coordinator, and even school head confronting everytime they open their LIS school account.

Following are self-explanatory graphical illustrations on resolving the said data issues and correction guides taken from LIS official site:

A. TO Confirmation Issues

Warning Data Issues for TO confirmation-1

Warning Data Issues for TO confirmation-2

B. Trans In Issues

Warning Data Issues for Trans in-1

Warning Data Issues for Trans in-2

C. Incomplete Basic Information

Warning Data Issues Incomplete basic information

D. Data Issues Summary

Warning Data Issues summary-1

Warning Data Issues sumamary-2

E. Unconfirmed Trans In

Warning Data Issues uncorfirm Trans in-1

Warning Data Issues uncorfirm Trans in-2

F. Correction to be made by Adviser and School Head

Correction of basic profile Adviser

Correction of basic profile School Head

G. LRN Issues

LRN deactivation and correction 2

H. Enrollment Record Removal

Request to Removal Enrollment Record RF 03

Addendum: Reversion of Finalize

All these referenced images are found in "Support" facility of Learner Information System site, except the addedum.

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