Thursday, May 05, 2016

3 La Carlota LDS Undergoing Hands-on Cooking

by Gil Camporazo

The Interns
The Interns
Three members of The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) of La Carlota City have undergone hands-on training in cooking at the Mama Linda's Inato BBQ and Seafoods Haus in Cebu recently.

Ronie Estardo, Arlene G. Malacaman, and Cristina Millado travel to Cebu to undergo their internship. They were met by Randy Pino, their internship coordinator on the first day. And they were met by Mary Ann, the owner of the Mama Linda's Inator BBQ and Seafoods Haus on the 2nd day.

ML Master Chef John instructed them on the basic foods preparation. They were asked on what menu they were going to prepare and cook.

Malacaman cooked soup no. 5, Lantiaw. Millado did her salted shrimp. And Estardo tackled the crispy, boneless Bakasi menu. MC John supervised them while they're cooking.

The Acquaintance

Meeting with the internship coordinator, Randy  Pino.

Meeting with the owner of the restaurant, Mary Ann.

Cooking Session

Arlen G. Malacaman observed MC John and he took turn the cooking after the instructions.

Cristina R. Ramos put the needed ingredients while MC John was looking on. Then she came up with her cooked food.

Ronie Estardo prepared the basic ingredients for his recipe while MC John was supervising him. And Estardo proudly presented his cooked food.

Cooked Foods

1. Soup No. 5 - Arlen G. Malacaman
1. Soup No. 5 - Arlen G. Malacaman

2. Salted Shrimp - Cristina R. Millado
2. Salted Shrimp - Cristina R. Millado

3. Crispy Boneless Bakasi - Ronie Estardo
3. Crispy Boneless Bakasi - Ronie Estardo

Mama Linda's Specialites:

Set A Foods

Set B Foods

Set C Foods

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