Sunday, June 05, 2016

Pamilya Brigada Effective in Brigada Eskwela

by Gil Camporazo

Ready for Opening of Classes

Brigada Eskwela 2016 has put our humble school ready for the opening of classes on June 13. Our thanks and appreciation go to our active and supportive stakeholders spearheaded by our Punong Brgy. Joel Rumbines. The involvement of parents, particularly the 4Ps beneficiaries and recipients, and the youths as well. The teachers are also duly acknowledged.

My Pamilya Brigada is also being recognized. I am very thankful to them. To my ever supportive wife, Rebing and to the rest of my children and grandchildren. And special mention to my son-in-law, Almon who is ever ready when community, church and school activities are concerned.

Madamu nga salamat! (Thank you very much!)

Pamilya Brigada

My wife, Rebecca leads our family in the last day of Brigada Eskwela, the annual school maintenance of the Department of Education (DepEd) which is conducted in our Balabag Elementary School in La Carlota City, starting May 30 to June 4, 2016.

Pamilya Camporazo
Pamilya Camporazo

Balabag Elementary School in the Division of La Carlota City, Negros Island Region is my 6th school and even my last school to manage, administer and supervise till I retire on October this year 2016. I have been to CaiƱaman ES, Salamanca ES, Yubo ES, Nagasi ES, and Cubay ES.

"The Brigada Eskwela is a schools maintenance program nationwide that engages all education stakeholders to contribute their time, efforts and resources in ensuring that public schools are all set in time for class opening. It is a week-long event where local communities, parents, alumni, civic groups, local businesses, NGOs, private individuals and even teachers and students volunteer their time, skills to do minor to medium repairs and maintenance work in the schools." source: D.O. No. 24, s. 2008, par. 2  

My Family in Action

My family arrived at the school through the motorized tricycle of my son-in-law, Almon Tolones, the hubby of our eldest daughter, Dona Greece. Those who joined were Dona Greece, Adgel and Almon; Geeree, our youngest daughter; Toto Jun (Gilbor, Jr), our youngest son, and his wife, Ma. Carissa; and the four grandchildren: Toto Bryan, the fourth son of our eldest son, Dondon; Shanley (Bulaklak), Phanie, and Inday Sophie.

Rebing, my wife led these Pamilya Camporazo Brigada Warriors who were too excited and very willing to do their share in maintaining the cleanliness, the orderliness of the classrooms and my principal's office as well. By the way, my other three children who were not able to join for they worked abroad and lived in a far away island like Mindanao were Dondon who resided at Mindanao, An-an who worked abroad, and Gingging who left at home for she had a small business to tender with.

Child in Action

Our smart, 3-year-old granddaughter, Inday Sophie never failed us to do a simple task which she could carry on. She did the cleaning and gathering of falling leaves, the hauling of cut grasses and twigs to the compost pit without being told to do.

Toto Jun did much of the hauling of cut grasses and branches too with the help of his nephew, nieces. Almon did the gathering of scattered cut grasses, trimmed leaves, twigs and branches of trees within the school campus.

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