Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prayer for Bryan's 14th Birthday

Grandpa's prayer for the 14th birthday of his grandson to beseech the Lord to grant him the wisdom of the Lord and to be an effective missionary in the Lord's vineyard and their family would be together forever as inspired by the kid's birthday.

Grandpa is praying
Praying for the birthday
The Prayer

As his grandpa, I offered a prayer for him before his simple birthday party took place.

"Our Father in Heaven, we are happy as we gather together here as a family for the celebration of Toto Bryan's 14th birthday.

"We beseech Thee, O Lord that Thou mayest bless Toto Bryan of Thy wisdom,

"That he may be an example to anyone as a true believer of Christ by fulfilling his duties and responsibilities as priest holder of thy Church,

"That he may be protected and guided in his studies in accordance with Thy will and purpose for his life,

"That he may be walking not be weary in doing the missionary work for bringing more souls to Thy fold,

"That through his mission and vision in life we may not be neglecting our family duties and responsibilities as we are preserved by Thy unfeigned love and nurtured by thy uplifting words in the scripture,

"That today's birthday of Toto Bryan would continue  to bind us as family that is binding and living together under the virtue of understanding, of love and caring, and

"That for better and for worse our family could be together forever.

"In Jesus's name. Amen"

Bryan's Birthday Wish

Toto Bryan had wished before he blew his birthday cake candle to have a blessed family and that he could help them on the best of his ability and through the help and guidance of the Lord.

Toto Bryan
Toto Bryan
Toto Bryan

Bryan is one of our 6 grandchildren. He is one of the 4 children of our eldest son. We adopted him since he was 4 months old for he was born with a harelip. Now he is 14 years old. He is grade 8 student.

Before blowing his birthday cake candle he had wished that he may have the best opportunity to help his family someday especially when he finishes his schooling.

Closed family members
Closed family members

You're growing up, Bryan. Happy 14th birthday today. from your loving grandparents, Nanay Rebing and Tatay Gilbor.

"Happy2x birthday Bryan...san o lng nga ako pa imo nanay...gabantay sa a good boy always...long life...and study hard gd. u...bright2x..." greets Tita An an.

"Happy2 Birthday Toto Bryan... be a good boy na ha... Love ka ni Tita...😊" greets Tita Gigi

"Happy Birthday sa akong partner in crime. Tita Cari and Tito jun2 love you so much. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. We promised you that we'll always be here for you. Happy Birthday man. ☺😊😀🎂🎈. #ourfuturemissionary" Tita Carissa.

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