Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cubay Elementary School Improving Physically

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In the division of La Carlota, Cubay Elementary School plant is gaining momentum for her periodic physical improvement through the efforts of her active external stakeholders.

Funds were derived from donations of education friends and supporters like the parents, the barangay council members, the government officials and the monthly budget of the school prepared for the minor repair and maintenance.

CES, in a recent Brigada Eskwela, a national school maintenance week, before the formal opening of regular classes, has more than 200 volunteers representing the different sectors in the community, took their time in cleaning the school surroundings, repainting the externals walls of the classrooms, mowing the lawn, and repairing some defective blackboards, chairs, doors and windows. BE has contributed a lot in making the school ready for the school opening.

Through the leadership of school PTA president Racquel D. Angelitud, the school plant of Cubay Elementary School has been facelifted recently.

School Projects

Repair of school perimeter fence

Five spans of school perimeter fence were repaired by volunteered community stakeholders. Barangay Captain Noel Vargas donated several bags of cement and some of his council members.

A week ago, volunteers from carpenters and masonry workers who presently were doing some repairs and construction of water sanitary facilities of the school did the finishing and repainting of the 5-span school perimeters.

Repair and maintenance of school electrical fixtures

Another project conducted was the electrical fixtures of the school. An authorized barangay technician  of NOCECO did the job. He took him 2 days to do the work like rewiring the service lines to duplex, installing the 2 circuit breakers, removing the defective safety entrance boxes, installing additional outlets, among others.

CES perimeter fence repaired and improved

Best Practices of the School

The school's improvement is realized through the concerted efforts of the active officers of the school PTA, the barangay council and the implementation of the targeted plans in the school improvement plan and the annual implementation plan of school.

Periodically with the proper implementation and proper use of the funds provided to the school their its maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) and Deped School-based Management (SBM), Cubay Elementary School will be physically improved and the pupils will be studying in a well-maintained school plant and facilities.

Giving Credits

As the school principal, I am not solely claiming the credits for me personally. This is the concerted efforts of the active external stakeholders which composed of the parents, guardians, government units, government officials, and other concerned community residents. I personally am very grateful for their wonderful and all-out support of all the school activities and making the series of school projects a reality.

Madamu nga salamat (Thank you very much.)


  1. This is a great project for school as it improves the quality of the building and of course, it's much safer since the rewiring has been done. Good job! :D

  2. Those are great shots of the volunteer work being done in that area.

  3. Wow, improving! This is so awesome! I'm very happy that things are getting fixed up in Cubay Elementary School! =)

  4. Great effort = Excellent Result! Kudos to everyone!

  5. This is such a great thing. Students deserve a safe place to study and learn.

  6. all i can say is good for cubay elementary school that their school is getting fixed and improving! good news for them! !

  7. Congrats to all those who in their little ways help in the improvement of CES. Buhay na buhay pa pala ang Bayananihan. I believe students there are more inspired to study harder. Ganda na ng school nila eh.

  8. This is good news. I hope all schools over the metro most especially in the remote provinces be improved as well.

  9. Concerted efforts can easily get a heavy work load done.
    Now you have a great facade and good ambience for these students to enjoy while being educated.

  10. I salute you sir for spearheading this school improvement program. I am so happy that people in your place, whether in the Government office or a simple carpenter, take part in this very valuable project.

  11. I guess the best thing that happened was the electrical fixtures. Hindi lang siya intended to make the school look more presentable but also to make it a safer place for the students.

  12. Nice to see you contribution as school principal and also you colleagues who came to help make Cubay Elementary School better.

  13. Great effort by the volunteer workers and sponsors for a great cause. Also, hats off to you Sir Gil for starting the project.

  14. I admire the community in your area, I guess their appreciation of education made it to have their concerted efforts to help develop your school which in turn will benefit their children and the future generation of your community.

  15. wow good on you for doing this for the kids.. my child goes to a Special Education Public school. I know that the cooperation of the parents is very vital for projects like these.

  16. This is certainly good news for the students and teachers of the school.

  17. I salute the PTA Officers, volunteers, and you sir Gil for spearheading... It is important that the learning environment of children is secured, organized and looking-good.

  18. Ang galing ng officers ng La Carlota may pagkakaisa silang lahat! :)