Saturday, September 28, 2013

La Carlota District Commemorates 2013 National Family Week

"Unity Across Generation: a Strong Family, a Strong Nation", this year's National Family Week theme has inspired all the saints of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, La Carlota Philippines District as they culminate their week-long family celebration.

A Strong Family, A Strong Nation
The 8 units under the La Carlota District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints led by their respective branch presidents joined together in the culmination of  the week-long national family week celebration at the La Carlota meetinghouse.

Activities was ushered by caravan of the members of San Enrique, Ayungon, La Carlota first, La Carlota second, Masville, Manggapsang, La Castellana and Moises Padilla. The caravan paraded around the main city streets with the drums and bugle corps of Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School.

Short program ensued after the parade. During lunch time, "Kainang Pampamilya Mahalaga" was applied by every member having a lunch together with their family member, serving lechon manok as symbol of thanksgiving and unity among the member as they eat together.

The Parade

Ayungon Branch
San Enrique Branch

Inspired by the program as advocated by the present president Noynoy Aquino and dubbed as "Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga", the respective families of every unit gathered in a hearty meals provided by every unit and lechon manok was common among the families, during lunch time.

"Kainang Pampamilya Mahalaga"

Lechon Manok

Kainang Pampamilya Mahalaga

The Messages

Amalia Aguirre, La Carlota SP member:

SP Aguirre
"It is a real opportunity and privilege to be invited to this occasion to share with kindred thoughts on an important aspect of our life, particularly the family. Even in ealrly childhood until we reach maturity we were taught and learned what a family is. A father and a mother, a sister and a brother who love each other and living in a house.

Our parents were the first to inculcate the concept to us, and this knowledge is expanded through the school, the church, and our interaction with other people. We are taught that the family is the fundamental building block of society. One of the common precepts beautifully expressed is the motto: "the family that prays together, stays together."

A basic advice given to newly-married couples is that the husband loves his wife. In return the wife is reminded to respect her husband. This is profoundly necessary if we have to raise a decent and respectable family. Later, when t he union brings forth children, they are reared in similar norms of character, but  specifically they are raised and taught to obey their parents for it is the right thing to do. It is apparent and simple advice to every parent, every child.

Despite the changing social order, this basic family relations is not obsolete. It is simple and precise beyond forgetting. Write them upon our palms and the tablets of our hearts as a constant guide in building a strong a strong family and a stable society.

I am greatly encouraged to observe our people here doing something to place the role of the family in proper perspective. What we are today, we owe to godly parents, and it is our sincere prayer that our children will walk in the same example we have shown as a united and strong family which is the touchstone of a strong society.

Thank you."

a) Ms. Pacita Tero, DSWD, Bacolod:

She relayed the portrait of the Filipino family by ranking them as to the top things that influenced the Filipino Family as of our time:

“1. Family business
2. Noche Buena
3. Going to mass  on a family member’s birthday
4. Processions
5. Visiting and or camping out at the cemetery on All Souls Day
6. The family living together under one roof , including extended family members and/or family friends
7. The eldest child or children will help support the younger siblings.
8. The whole family would all sleep in one room at night.
9. Family supporting each other no matter what they do.
10. The enemy of one becomes the enemy of the whole family.
11. Manny Pacquiao (any object related to him)
12. Snake Boards
13. Willie Revillame Songs
14. Presidentiable Ballers
15. Colleziones Filipino Tee's
16. Havaianas
17. Balot, isaw, addidas and so much more.
18. Jeepney

The current state of the Filipino family is on the way to the new millennium and their status is moving on different ways. The rich expanding their knowledge to the new generation gadgets while the poor is being left behind. The families are still prosperous in a way that their ties with each other are never going down even if they are in a big problem, that's how Filipinos are in tackling problems, looking at the better side and never letting anything get in their way to be happy.

This type of Filipino family would be the best because it is in a way hos more positive traits compared to the other types of families. A reason to say so is that they are hospitable to they would even sacrifice their wants to the needs of others even those who are not really closely related to them.

Another is that they have the cultural advantage and has a lot of history that surely made them aware of what is happening around them and these things made them wise so they learned a lot from these past problems that happened.

So if you want to learn more about the Filipino family, the best way is to visit our country itself and learn from the people here."

President Santillan
b)  President Avelino N. Santillan:

He stressed the importance of the role of a mother through analogy of a mother hen. He illustrated this by telling a story on how a hen saved its chicks from being burn by forest big fire.

The mother hen was badly hurt by the scorching heat of the big fire, but its chicks was unhurt. It let all its chicks gathered under its wings. thus, protecting them from being badly burn.

He related this kind of analogy to a local term, "pogo". The mother hen "pogo" its chick once it sense that there is danger. And also mother hen "pogo" its chicks when it is already dark.

Mother hen could referred to a mother who "pogo" (gathers) her children before it gets dark. She "pogo" (looks for) her children when they are not yet home. She "pogo" (accounts them) every time her children are around to find or check if one is missing.

Therefore, he urged every youth to listen to their mother or parents and respect them for they "pogo" them. They don't want them to be in danger. He believes and is confident that LDS are setting example to the society.

c) Julian Bionat, Jr., secretary of the Federation of Seniors' Citizen Association, La Carlota City chapter:

He has compared how the Filipino children greatly differed from yesterday to today. The former Filipino children were more polite, courteous and obedient that today's present generation children. There was a strong family relationship before than that of today. He stressed that homosexuality is rampant and being tolerated in this present time, than the previous which is taboo. To resolve this kind of dilemma among the family, good values should be maintained among the Filipino.

Persons Responsible for the Success

The all-out support of the District Presidency which is composed of President Mario A. Malacaman, President Zandiv Abonado, President Rino Ilanga; Branch President of La Castellana, President Noel Oliverio, Moises Padilla President Andres Samolde, Masville President Johndill Parreño, Manggasapsang President  , La Carlota First Jimboy Loreto, La Carlota second Rodolfo Banghaon, Ayungon Bastardo, and San Enrique Ely Montinola.

Also First Counselor of Bacolod Mission, President Avelino N. Santillan.

The facilitator of this celebration like Sister Cristina Millado, District Community Affair, Bro. Almon Tolones, District Public Affairs, Bro. Joemar Montero for the sound system, Sister Ernalynn Montero for the games, Bro. and sister Rolly Tumunong, and the rest of those who made this annual family activities a success.

The Church is gratefully acknowledging the presence of the following who have made this year's family gathering more meaningful, aside from the support of the full-time missionaries:

1. Ms. Paceta Tero, DSWD, Bacolod
2. Ms. Julia Uy, DSWD, La Carlota City
3. Mr. Manuel Verba, Jr., OSCA President
4. Mr. Julian Bionat, Jr., OSCA Secretary
5. Brgy. Captain Conrado Badillo, Brgy. I
6. Hon. Manuel Badillo, City Councilor
7. Hon. Amalia Aguirre, City Councilor
8. Brgy. Captain Noel Vargas,Brgy. Cubay
9. Mr. Rudy Dioso, Kagawad, Brgy. Cubay
10. Mr. Ronaldo Cabuguason, Brgy. Cubay
11. Mr. Jewanio Alpas, Brgy. Cubay
12. Mr. Ed Sulatra, Brgy. Cubay
13. Mr. Edeson Necesito, Brgy. Cubay
14. Mr. Arnel Robles, Brgy. Cubay
15. Mr. Angelo Estaci, Brgy. Cubay
16. President Avelino Santillan, Bacolod Philippines Mission

This year's family week celebration attendance is 525.


  1. The Filipino Family is the basic unit of the society and a lot of the values grown there can go a long way.

  2. I can say nothing is bigger than the family.seems like a good celebaration.